Korean Americans on Love

Thanks to Big WoWo for this one. Check out this candid discussion on love and relationships:

Here are some notable quotes from the discussion:

At 2:15 Nancy Lee (the girl on the left) says, "About relationships: I don’t have a preference really, but for some reason Asian men don’t really approach me."

I'm looking at her going, "REALLY?! You've got to be shitting me?!"

But then again, I have heard this complaint from many different Asian women: that Asian men don't approach them. Some of these Asian women then think they're not good enough or don't measure up in some way.

At 3:19 Danny Cho says this about making relationships work:

"It’s not a chemistry thing for me, it’s a compromise thing. It’s a whether or not I believe in this relationship enough that I’m going to make my sacrifices and be selfless to this person."

I think this is very true, and most couples fail to take this into account. The chemistry of a relationship changes over time, so compromise and the willingness to work on a relationship is what makes it last.

At 7:29 both Nancy and Violet have this discussion on how hard it is to find a man who measures up:

Nancy: It’s so hard to find a man who’s a leader for me.

Violet: Confident in his own space.

Nancy: Absolutely!

Violet: When they see a woman or come across a woman who’s independent and powerful, they step back and you don’t want that as a woman.

Nancy: It’s like grab me and take me!

Violet: Challenge me!

This is another complaint that I hear from women in general. You see, women put you through shit tests, because they want to see whether or not you have the mental fortitude to deal with adversity. If you can not just take shit, but dish it back in a playful manner, then this shows a confidence that appeals to women. It means that you can handle her.
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