Clowns at the Gates of Sanity, Part 2

I titled the previous post as Part 1 because I knew this stuff wasn’t going to be over. Of course Donald Trump was never going to run for the GOP nominee for the presidential elections. Only a moron would think that he would. And he won’t now, even with Palin supposedly saying that she would “love” for him to run. He’ll never fill out his financial disclosure forms for scrutiny, which means, he won’t run. This is all ego and theater. Does he really want people to scrutinize why he filed for bankruptcy four times? I thought casinos were suppose to make money.

But again, this guy blows the dog whistle for race baiters. Once the birther issue was settled when Obama requested the state of Hawaii to release his certificate, this guy goes on the attack in scrutinizing Obama’s background, challenging how and why Obama got into Columbia, which is a not so subtle jab at affirmative action and insinuating that the man wasn’t really qualified to get in. ``I don't know why he doesn't release his (college) records," Trump deadpanned. ``The word is he wasn't a good student and he ended up getting into Columbia.

This is what racists do to discredit someone or some groups, like Asian Americans. First, it was his legitimacy, whether or not he was a “real” American or even a citizen (let's look at the Supreme Court decision in US vs. Wong Kim Ark). And now, it’s this move to discredit him. Trump questions how Obama got into Columbia and Harvard, as if there was some conspiracy afloat to advance Obama because he's a bi-racial minority. Being elected to head the Harvard Law Review and graduating with honors sounds to me like the guy is more than qualified.

And once more, Trump continues on the China bashing. More vilification of Asians---we’re all so devious, right? Not that the US, itself, had anything to do with the economic mess we’re in, right? Let’s just blame it all on the Chinese. Palin, on her bus tour to who-the-hell-cares, and Trump met in NYC and afterwards he said to Fox:

"Well, we do like each other and I will tell you more than anything else she loves this country," said Trump of Palin. "She's got a great passion for the country. I can say behind her back that there's no winking, there's no laughing, there's no smiling, she really loves the country. And, that comes through to me I think more than anything else. She really is passionate about what's going on and what's going wrong. And she picked up on my theme of China and a lot of people don't pick up on it. China's just absolutely ripping us. First thing she said to me was that nobody made that point better than you."

If he really feels that way, then stop manufacturing the goods he sells with the “Trump” brand and logo in China and Mexico. Bring the jobs back home to the US. It’s all ego and publicity whoring. The guy’s a joke but the race baiting is no joke.
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