Bruce Lee, The Legend

I admit, I'm a sucker for anything Bruce Lee. If there's a documentary on Bruce Lee, then I'll watch it. History Channel had a documentary last night called "How Bruce Lee Changed the World."

It wasn't a good biography on Bruce. There are better ones for that. But it was good documentary that showed how Bruce influenced a wide variety of people in a wide of variety of fields and wide variety of cultural backgrounds. From the documentary you'd figure Bruce invented the space shuttle and sliced bread.

Nevertheless, it does show how Bruce's philosophy had a huge impact on the world. I remember growing up as a little kid watching his movies and feeling a sense of pride in my Chinese heritage, something I didn't feel prior. What amazed me at the time was that all of my childhood friends and classmates who were white, black and Hispanic all wanted to be Bruce and emulate him. That's the thing with Bruce: he was so extraordinary that people looked beyond his race and recognized the impact of what he brought to the world.
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