Harold and Kumar--Still Breaking Stereotypes?

There was an article in last week's Washington Post about the upcoming Harold and Kumar Christmas movie. The reporter decided to focus on the media stereotypes of Asians in the movies and how the H&K movies go against the grain and reflect the humanity of the characters, and gets past the fact they are Asian Americans.

An excerpt:

“The feature market has gotten tougher in general, there are less features being made, and the kind that get made are big pictures, superhero movies,” says Cho, who was also a series regular in last year’s “Flash Forward.” “They need to be more conservative, take fewer chances. I think TV is willing to take more chances. Perhaps it has to do with the fragmenting of the market; there are so many more channels than there used to be, and to distinguish themselves they have to make more interesting choices...."

The bottom line? Cho believes that the success of the H&K films shows the studios that “it’s not the public that doesn’t want to see Asian faces. The public is a lot less conservative than [the studios] think they are.”
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