10 Things Asian Dudes Need To Stop Doing Right Now!

By Perfect Asian Dudes

We love seeing Asians making progressive strides in society. It gives us a warm feeling when we see an asian dude and can think to ourselves, "That right there...is a Perfect Asian Dude". Unfortunately, this is few and far between. So we wrote up a list of our current asian dude pet peeves. Without further adieu, here is our list of 10 Things Asian Dudes Need To Stop Doing Right Now!

1. Being an Armani Exchange hoarder. It's our firm belief that a dude should never spend more money on clothing than their sisters. It's not a crime to wear colors other than black and a billion shades of grey. A similar case can also be made for Abercrombie and Hollister hoarders.

2. Executing the "Chin Up Stare Down" picture pose.
Step One: Throw up gang signs.
Step Two: Tilt chin up and stare down.
Step Three: Make sure not to smile.
Step Four: End up on a blog with the ridiculous ass photo you've just created.

The pink tie obviously represents his gang colors

3. Feathery Anime Hair. Words like tousled, feathered, layered, and even blow-dried should never be used to describe your hair.

She has pretty hair

4. Being a prototypical "angry asian". Bitchfests are my least favorite type of "fest". I'd rather be at a sausagefest....at least there's no bitches =P

5. Working out in herds. Because becoming a Ripped Asian Dude is obviously a group effort that requires you to take turns on the bench press and ab wheel every day with your five closest friends. This behavior is especially popular among university students where there's a sizable asian population

6. Excessive use of the "N word". No matter how much you and your friends may call each other the "N word". No matter how much you love Lil' Wayne and Drake's music. No matter how many fitted NY Yankee's caps you own. No matter what city ghetto your parents decided to immigrate to and raise you in -- you know where I'm going with this.

7. Living the "Asian Thug Life". See number 6 for explanation.


8. Substituting "Asian" with "Azn". Be proud of being "Asian", not "Azn". That abbreviation is reserved for Astrazeneca, which can help explain why so many asians are drawn towards pharmacy. This one isn't so gender specific.

9. Wearing colored contacts. Usually worn by the same people who have "azn" in their instant messenger screen name. All the blue-colored contacts in the world can't hide the fact that you're an ugly mother focker. It also amplifies the fact you're a tool. Lose-lose situation.

Sorry brah...she ain't mirin'

10. Believing Video Games > Girls. I enjoy video games as much as the next dude but we believe weekends should be spent gaming......real girls.

Fleshy boobs > Digital boobs

If any of these apply to you then for all that is sacred, holy, and PAD, make it a New Years Resolution to stop this behavior at once!

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