Don't Be Afraid Of Hitting Life's Reset Button


I'm hitting the reset button...

I'm packing up and moving to a spankin' new city in a week =) That means starting all over. No family, no social circle, no real connections other than one of the other Perfect Asian Dudes.

It's a bitter sweet feeling leaving everything behind since I have everything I could possibly need here. My loving family, a great social circle, a city full of girls. I have it good where I am...I'm comfortable.

A little too comfortable...and that's exactly the problem.

Many of us yearn to find peace and comfort. We go on a journey to find a city we can fall in love with, with a person we're in love with, kick our feet up, and live out our lives. It's forgivable if you're at that age and have a family to take care of. But to me, comfort equals boredom. Comfort means you aren't growing. the opposite of adventure =)

Hit the Reset before it's Game Over

Traveling through Europe opened my eyes to this especially. Only until you travel through an entire continent; until you completely immerse yourself in different cultures can you truly appreciate what the world has to offer.

I felt fear and moments of extreme discomfort overseas. In other words, I felt alive. Coming back to the states I knew I wanted to make a big change and this is why I decided to take the risk and leave my comfortable little life. To stop talking and start doing.

We like comfort because we don't like fear. Packing up and moving requires starting over. We are afraid of not making friends, afraid of being unfamiliar, afraid of being away from family members, afraid of being uncomfortable. People who let fear control them usually end up making their fears come true. They fall victim to the almighty self-fulfilling prophecy. If you move to a new city thinking you're going to hate it, chances are you're going to hate it. And the biggest reason you're going to hate it is because you won't allow yourself to like it...all because you let the fear get to you.

A lot of us make big moves because we are forced to for various reasons, while a lot of us want to but never end up doing so. All because we are afraid. Fear is both good and bad. Fear helps keep us alive but it also doesn't allow us to fully live. The trick to having an adventurous and fulfilling life is to know when your fear is irrational. When you start to really become in-tune with your thoughts and emotions you will realize that most of your fear is irrational, such as hitting the reset button. No one is going to kill you for starting a new adventure in a new least I hope not.

Don't you worry your little head, it's not that dangerous

My mindset is not one of fear in the least bit. I haven't been this excited about moving ever since I first moved away for college =) I look forward to not having friends and forcing myself to make new ones. I can't wait to explore the city, the women, the food, etc. I've learned to embrace being uncomfortable because I know I'm experiencing something new. I know that I am stepping outside of my comfort zone. And the best indicator for whether or not you are growing as a person is how often you are uncomfortable.

I plan on staying in this new city for a few years then who knows where life will take me. I'm open to the possiblity of maybe living somewhere overseas for a bit. Singapore seems like a pretty sweet place to live. Why?

Because if you're not growing, you're dying...=)

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