10 things I've learned from working in retail

1. Retail sucks so hard it swallows. Fuck retail.

3. People are assholes. No matter what race, there will always be some sort of bastard that will ruin your day and sometimes it feels like every customer is a dick customer. (Even though in the bottom of your heart you know it's not true.) As Dr. Cox would say "People are just bastard covered bastards with bastard filling."

4, People are stupid. See #3

5. Learn to speak and to explain things clearly: Because eventually you'll put up with a stupid person. Or an asshole.

6. You can't please everyone. Some people are never going to be happy with anything you do for them. Ever. Learn to forget about them and move on.

7. There is at least ONE super nice customer. Make small talk with some customers that are *genuinely* nice to you. Sometimes after putting up with an asshole customer you'll recognize one of them and seeing them smile back at you will help you forget about that one guy that you thought ruined your day.

8. Try to be a good person. If you've worked in retail you know that it's a lot of bullshit to deal with for not that much pay. Why would you want to become one of those customers that you hate so much?

9. Learn to give a genuine smile. People will smile back, especially after putting up with dick customers.

10. Remember that once you leave and those doors close, 99% of shit that happens at work stays at work. It's okay to vent things out once in a while, but try not to vent all the time, or else people will start thinking that you've become bitter and jaded.

Just another day in the pharmacy....(the drugs mentioned are Vicodin and Soma).

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