Tim Chiou

So Angry Asian Man posted that Tim Chiou will guest star as the hot Asian guy on 2 Broke Girls. It's an obvious attempt to counter balance the racist caricature Han.

Tim Chiou... Tim Chiou... guy's name sounded familiar to me. Then I saw his demo reel and realized that I've seen this guy in a number of shows and movies, such as NCIS (he's killed in the first few minutes by a crazy ex) and a really crappy horror movie called Seventh Moon:

Demo Reel - Leading Male (short) from Tim Chiou on Vimeo.

He's a good actor and perfect for Alpha Asian roles. Check him out in this short film: Time's Not Up


MojoRider said…
Ha! yeah, I guess the blow back was enough to finally get someone at the network to try and do damage control. Sadly, I don't think it's enough for them to add some dimension to the characters so that they are more than just caricatures. one guest star appearance to try and make amends really isn't enough. it's a tacit admission that they have a blind spot. for the network to really show that they took this to heart is to make the characters HUMAN, even if they are the comic foils.

Look at the comic foil characters of a show like Cheers. You had these buffoon characters for Ted Danson to play off of, but the show also infused the story lines with some sort of poignancy, so that while you were laughing at the characters, you also had empathy with them because the writers also let you see their humanity. and THAT was good writing.
James said…
yeah you can't polish a turd. Everybody says that the show's crap, even without the racist stereotyping.

Cheers... now that was good show.

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