7 things I've realized from learning to draw

Hey guys, sorry if I'm what I'm writing is really vague but it's kind of hard to think straight after 7 months of averaging about 4 hours of sleep a day. Anyways, here's a short cheesy list that I came up with while relearning the basics with my new art teacher.  

1. Everything has its place in the world, relative to other things: No matter how insignificant you feel sometimes, you're a part of this god forsaken planet. You just have to figure out where, and whether or not you'll be happy where you end up.

2. Some things are more important than others. Some things will naturally take up more time, energy and space in the picture that is your life, but just because it takes up so much of your life doesn't necessarily mean that it's something you care much about. If you're not happy with it, try to focus more on that little thing you enjoy and add more detail so that no matter how much space other things take up, you'll especially enjoy that little thing of yours. (The spherical jar-thing)

3. Be confident. Some lines have to be drawn quickly and confidently. When you try to draw them slowly, without reassurance, you end up with a squiggly, ugly line that impresses no one. Even if you're not, pretend to be confident anyway, you might be happy with the results.

4. Take a deep breath, step back and try to see the whole picture. People get caught up with little details that they often forget what they're really arguing about. Relax for a moment, and figure out whether or not what you're fighting about is really about that little thing or if it's about something much much bigger.

5. Anger is ugly. Actually, to be more accurate, blind anger is ugly. Try to channel your energy into something more productive. Anger is negative energy, but it doesn't mean you can't put it to use. Last week I was pretty pissed off for feeling so non-creative and then the next thing I knew, I drew something Not Safe For Work, but hell, I felt a lot better. A shame about the kids at my studio though....

6. Be passionate!

7. Don't hide it. Express yourself

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