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Asians and Introversion

I remember back in middle school and high school, whenever I had approach anxiety with girls, my friends (especially the girls) would always give me the same advice: Be yourself.

I don't know about you guys, but when you're a thirteen year old kid, probably one of the last things you know about is to be yourself.

In my junior year of high school one of my final projects was to figure out a "career" for yourself. One of the requirements in that final was to take the MBTI test. I thought that this was such a great description of myself and as a really depressed Asian kid, I took to this like white on rice. I hear this is how cults recruit new members.

I joined a now defunct forum for my specific personality type. I had a great time talking to like-minded people online and even met one of them in real life that I'm still friends with to this day. During that time, I honestly thought I was "figuring myself out". But after the the initial giddiness, I was …

Reader Mail: The Future of the Alpha Asian

Q: My name is Ray and I'm a big fan of your Alpha Asian blog and book.

I was checking out your Strength and Physique book on Amazon and thought it looked pretty intense (especially with the super-muscled guy on the cover who appears to have muscles on muscles). Do you think it's appropriate for average guys who just want to look get into good-- but not super jacked-- shape?

The term "bodybuilding" actually really turns me off, because I'm not looking to get big. I think the words "lean", "toned" or "fit" are what I'm shooting for.

Look forward to hearing your advice and seeing what's new on your blogs in the future.


My Answer: I'm glad you enjoy my blog and book, Ray.  I really appreciate the praise.  As far as whether or not the Strength and Physique book is for you, don't let the bodybuilding image on the front discourage you.   The book features a wide variety of exercises for you to choose from to develop whatever…

Muscle Building Diet for the Asian Male

As a strength trainer with an Asian American background, I often get questions and comments from Asian dudes all over the world. A common theme that pops up among Asian lifters is the belief that their Asian genes are limiting their progress in their quest for a muscular physique.

I always tell them this: don't let race or ethnicity be a limiting factor in your training goals or any goal. It does not matter if you are Asian or a skinny bastard or a woman. If your goal is to be bigger, faster, stronger, then you still travel the same road that everyone else travels to size and strength.

I mean look at Tommy Kono. Here was a Japanese American who grew up in an internment camp, and he became arguably the greatest Olympic weightlifter the US offered to the world.  He was also a successful bodybuilder, winning the Mr. Universe title in 1955 and 1957.  He built a phenomenal physique in an era before steroids. He didn't let race or ethnicity be a limiting factor in his mind or on his…