Starting the New Year Right

Q: "I am a 30 year old Asian-American ectomorph in the Air Force. Unfortunately, running is mandatory 3 times per week, since there is a monthly PT test. I want to build some muscle. Can you recommend a workout program? Should I use the one in your article for Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!"

-J. Yu

My Answer: I don't know which one of my articles you're talking about, since I have quite a few at that site. Since you mentioned that you're an ectomorph, I'm assuming you mean the 10-8-6-15 article. I have no idea what you're doing as far as training, so the 10-8-6-15 program or any of my other programs would help you build some muscle. You need to be more specific about your background.

I will say this though: if you're an ectomorph who has to run 3 times per week, then you should eat a lot of carbs and not worry so much about your fat intake. Endurance athletes perform better on a diet that is high carb and moderate fat, because their high volume of training requires a lot of fuel (carbs and fat), but not as much protein.

If you ate low carb and low fat, then your body will have to use protein as fuel and it will catabolize your muscle just to fuel those lengthy cardio sessions. So eat a lot of carbs.

Q: "Hi, I heard of you and your website through the BAM podcast. Your blog and website material motivated me to order your Strength and Physique Volume 1 ASAP. I have a question regarding Volume 1: does it contain simple dieting outlines? A bit about my physique: I'm an Asian male, age 32, 5"9, 150 lbs. I guess I can be classed as an ectomorph with fat around my torso, waist, love handles, and thighs. Definitely can use the fat loss. Also, I lift weights 3 times weekly."

Thanks and Happy New Year,

My Answer: First off thanks for purchasing my book. You've definitely started the new year right. Volume 1 does have a chapter on diet and a sample diet plan. The 5 dietary guidelines are quite simple to remember. Couple the diet with any of the fat loss training methods listed in the book and you should be able to simultaneously build muscle and burn off the fat.

Have a Happy New Year!
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