Michio Kaku on Higgs boson

I don't know enough about physics and every time I pick up a book, like Brian Greene's books, I just get confused and lost. I think I know what they're getting at, but I'm not sure....but the discovery of the Higgs boson "god particle". Wild stuff.

I heard physicist Michio Kaku talk about the importance of it. I took some notes and he had some pretty cool stuff to say. paraphrasing, he said this:

*The Higgs boson is relevant because think of a crystal, its symmetry, and we think that was what the universe was like 13.7 billion yeas ago, but it shattered and gave us what we see now---galaxies, stars, etc. But what was the spark that set it off? We think the Higgs boson may be the particle that set in motion the Big Bang

* The Higgs boson is just the first in series of particles, they believe. They think it may lead to understanding dark matter.
It can't be seen, but physicist believe that it makes up roughly 70% of the universe. (so there's like this unseen force in the universe, from what I've read but we don't know what it is, but it affects the rotation of galaxies, how stars cluster and move)

* the Higgs boson might be a higher vibration of a tiny vibrating little string, ie, string theory, which predicts Higgs boson, so that everything around us is a tiny vibrating string. Music is paradigm for the universe, next series of particles to be discovered and created by the particle accelerator hopes to be the next octave of a tiny vibrating rubber band.

* So then physics is the harmony of tiny little vibrating strings, particles like the Higgs boson are just notes on a vibrating string, chemistry is the melodies played on the strings, and the universe is a symphony of strings, and the mind of god is cosmic music resonating thru the universe.

Pretty wild stuff, I just wish I had the time to really understand quantuum physics and string theory, etc...

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