One Program at a Time

Q: After completing the post-exhaust workout for about 4 weeks, I decided to try something on my own.  Tell me what you think:

Day 1

DB chest press 10,8,6,15 superset with
DB flyes 10,8,6,15

Stiff arm pulldowns-10,8,6 15

Drag curl-10,8,6,15
Zottman curl-10,8,6,15
Overhead extension-10,8,6,15

Day 2

Shoulder press-10,8,6,15
Leg press-10,8,6,15
Sissy squat-10,8,6,15
Leg curl-10,8,6,15
Calf raises-10,8,6,15

Day 3

Decline DB press-10,8,6,15
Decline flyes-10,6,15
Stiff arm pulldown-10,8,6,15
Close grip pulldown-10,8,6,15
Incline DB curl-10,8,6,15
Lying cable curl-10,8,6,15
Skull crusher-10,8,6,15

Day 4

Arnold press-10,8,6,15
Front squat-10,8,6,15
Leg extension-10,8,6,15
Stiff legged deadlift-10,8,6,15
Calf raises-10,8,6,15

My Answer:  It just looks like you mish-mashed the 10-8-6-15 program with the post-exhaust program.  You just finished up the post-exhaust routine, so you're not going to gain by doing the same program in a different form.

I am very explicit in my books: modulate your volume.  High volume program for a few weeks followed by a low volume program for a few weeks.  What you're doing is following up a high volume program with an even higher volume program.  You should create or find a different program that has a lower volume.

I know a lot of people like to mish-mash programs or alter a program's parameters.  For example, when the 10x10 method became popular again, people started to do 10x10 on every exercise, doing 3-4 exercises per body part.  Or they did 10 sets of two or three exercises per body part.

But the 10x10 method explicitly states 10 sets of one exercise per muscle group, period.  Not multiple exercises.

To test out the efficacy of a program, you have to follow the program as is.  Not combine it with other programs.  People think, "Let's throw 5/3/1 and 5x5 and 8x8 altogether and see what sticks."

Doesn't work that way unfortunately.  Your body just gets confused and says, "I give up.  What do you want me to do?"

Focus on one method or program at a time.  You'll get much better results this way.

“This book is terrific. It distills years of experience and research into short sections laying out specific, creative programs for the major body parts, using the best science and advanced training techniques. Some of them created by the great 'masters' of bodybuilding like Larry Scott. Almost every section has a 'eureka' idea that I'm craving to try, like the back trifecta! The book is much more useful than subscriptions to all the muscle mags. I only wish I had it when I was a kid."

- Bob Vastine, world record holder in powerlifting

"Your arm blast routine from Volume One that you pointed me to is phenomenal. Maybe it's just the pump, but I'm measuring 16 inches compared to 15 inches before - after just 2 trainings!"

- Steve Murphy, Australia

"Sticking to your principles to the letter has helped me improve immensely. When I started lifting over two years ago I was 125 pounds and now I'm over 170.

"What I'm trying to say is that reading your books helped me understand what I needed to do to gain [muscle]. My dedication plus your expertise really worked out well for me."

- Mike Crothers

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