Exercise Control in Your Life

How you eat sometimes reflects upon how you are as a person and whether you exercise control over your decisions and your situations. Do you control the things that happen in your life, or do you allow yourself to meander and drift into situations? Do you allow someone else to control and dictate what your choices are?

The best way to avoid making bad food choices in a restaurant is to avoid eating in a restaurant. Don't eat out more than 2 times a week. That goes for takeout too. Control what you eat and pack your lunches for work, so you don't put yourself in a situation where you are tempted to make bad choices.

But you gotta live life, and that means eating out with friends and family. I'll be honest with you, I don't put any restrictions on myself when I eat out. The whole point of eating out with friends and family should be to enjoy yourselves.

Just make the experience a little more special by eating out only twice a week instead of everyday. You can still exercise damage control and be a prude when you eat out though:

  1. No drinks other than water. 
  2. When given this choice, choose salads over soups. 
  3. Never order an individual dessert. However, your friends will sabotage you by saying, "Hey you want to split a dessert?" That's OK, but never intitiate the dessert ordering. 
  4. Same thing goes for appetizers. Do not initiate the ordering of appetizers. But your jolly friend may want to "share" some appetizers, so that's OK.
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