Asian American Movies on Netflix

I remember a time before the Internet.  No cable TV, just five channels to watch.  You watched whatever was on, and you really didn't have any choice as to when you could watch it.  If you wanted to watch the adventures of Ultra Man, then you had to be in front of the TV at 4:30 pm.

Now we're living in a distraction economy.  There's so much media, that one has an overwhelming plethora of choices.  You have too much choice, too much distraction.

I cut the cord, and no longer have cable, but I still have too much media to sift through.  I try to triage my media consumption.  If there's any reason for me to not watch a show or unsubscribe from a feed, then I'll dump it and move on to other stuff, because there's so much out there.  So if it doesn't capture my interest on the first page or in the first 30 seconds, I'm gone.  Any racist portrayal of Asians in the show?  Unsubscribe.  Remove from queue.

My media consumption consists of podcasts, YouTube, Hulu and of course... Netflix. The following are 8 Asian American movies you can watch on Netflix:

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