Reader Mail: Greetings from another Alpha Asian

I came across your site while looking at Minority Militant and read [your] articles from [the] Alpha Asian and your strength and conditioning [blog]. My name is RJ, and I am also an alpha Asian American. I've served in the Army (honorable discharge) and have a bachelor's in psychology and am now working on my master's to become a psychologist. Also I am studying for my CSCS.

Your work is needed, and I've ordered a copy of Alpha Asian from Amazon. I am contacting you, because I too feel the need to make more Asian Americans into Alphas. But I fear we have our work cut out for us. I have a daughter and don't want her to put up with the racist manure that I and so many of "us" have.

In addition I too am an author and will include your tome in my meager writings. I am planning to be published first in two psychological journals, and the theme will be racism in America directed at Asian Americans. There are a million things I could write to you about, since some of my best friends are police officers also (two of my best friends are officers in TX and NV).

Once again your work is appreciated and needed. Just look at how few Asian Americans want to attain alpha status. Sad but true. You rock and are not alone. Thank you.


My Answer: RJ, thanks for the praise. Seriously, it's much appreciated, especially from someone of your background, which is similar to mine. I was a psychology major and had a CPT from the NSCA. I'm going to have a daughter as well, and I want her to grow up and develop into a woman free of racist, sexist baggage. Ultimately I want her to be a good person and to be happy.

It's tough writing and blogging about the idea of improving our Asian American communities by improving ourselves, because I often wonder if I'm talking to myself in an empty room. There have been plenty of times when I thought to myself, "Am I making sense? Do people who come across my blog get anything of value from what I write?"

It's a rather lonely feeling when people just don't understand what you're saying. I've come across other blogs that consist solely of pop culture references that have a huge readership, and I think to myself, "REALLY? Would people really rather go to a blog that is the Asian American version of TMZ?"

Don't get me wrong. I like to lighten the mood up with funny videos, and I have been known to be a bit of gossip hound from time to time. But the vast majority of people (Asians and non-Asians) would rather live in a bubble of their own design.

Or you have the opposite: you get the angry Asian man who lives in cage of his own design. Tough to stay positive and fight the good fight around people who offer nothing but hurt. There has to be a balance between these two states of mind, and I try to convey this balance on the blog. When I say aggregating positive energy, I really mean it.

By the way, I want to remind you guys and gals to vote on the poll on the right side of this blog. I'm pushing for AALDEF to win, since they've taken the initiative to fight for the students at South Philly High.

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