Interview with Rick Lee

Q: I'm an avid follower of your site and had a question, since I believe you are the most recent one to have done an interview/been in contact with Rick Lee. I was wondering: is he still actively keeping up with his website? 

Also I was wondering if you ever heard of the podcast DVDASA hosted by David Choe? I'm sure you know of him or can easily find out who he is, but I wanted to know how I can contact him. I think he'd make a great guest on the show especially, because of his Asian-Man website. I believe he was the first Asian male porn star. David Choe talks about it sometimes, but he mentions Keni Styles as the first, but Rick is.  I'd love for him to be able to get on the show, set the record straight and help continue changing perceptions of Asian males. 

Sorry if this is sort of random. Anyways hope to hear from you soon


My Answer: Are you trying to contact David Choe or are you trying to contact Rick Lee or both?  I'm sure you can go to Rick's website and contact him through his email.  I don't think Rick would want to do an interview with David, since he's a very private person.

Keni Styles may not be the first Asian male porn star, but he is the first in people's minds.  If you're going to do porn or anything else for that matter, people take you more seriously if they know who you are.  This is why books have the author's photo.  "Anonymous" or pen names just don't seem as credible.  People want to know who's doing the talking or fucking.  You kind of have to put your ass and face out there if you want to be taken seriously.

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