Wherever The Road Takes You....

Well, our founding brother James is stepping back into retirement. I wish him well in getting on with the business of attending to his life. But riding off into the sunset doesn't mean the road necessarily ends.

 Oh, I can see why roads come to an end though. First of all, look at the responses this blog has received from James' news that he's stepping aside for the time being. And it does go back to my point: we really are just talking amongst ourselves. I'm okay with a low viewership and I don't care much about how many hits the blog gets. I was more interested in some quality discussions or thoughts from the viewers. Second, there have been some great posts by James'--the podcast with Chester Wong, for example---and absolutely zero response. Or barely anything. I had been tempted to post just so these posts don't sit there in isolation but I figured that was up to those who visit and read the site. I shouldn't be the one forcing a conversation. Third, it was kind of disheartening to hear from James that others would contact him just for shamelessly promoting themselves and giving nothing back in return. that doesn't sound like much of a community, does it?

 Yet, the road doesn't necessarily end. No, the road goes on with whomever had gained any bit of wisdom from this site and obtained any bit of inspiration, developed any greater belief and pride in being an Asian male, especially an Asian American male, and sets forth to make new roads for himself in life. As I stated in the previous post, blogging is hard and I don't have that much to say either. But like James, maybe I can post now and then and keep the spirit of this place alive.

I have no clue about this blog's viewers are, who reads it, what they take from it. I certainly hope that someone benefits from something here. I am reminded of a quote by one of my favorite musicians. He recounted how fans would come up to him and talk to him about his songs and say, "You wrote this just for me!" And he would tell them, "Yeah, I did. I don't know you, but I knew you were out there."

 And the same goes for us. We don't know you, but we know you are out there....

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