"Hi, I'm the Alpha Asian..."

Recently MaSir Jones of the blog Destroy and Rebuild decided to call it quits.  Sort of sad, really, because there aren't too many blogs devoted to the Asian American male (AAM) perspective.  Now there are plenty of AAM bloggers.  Guy Kawasaki is probably the most popular.  But there just aren't a lot bloggers who talk about and advocate for respect for the AAM. 

Plenty of AAM bloggers who talk about other things.  Plenty of AA bloggers who talk about Asian American issues in general.  But very few advocate for the Asian American male.  Ben Efsaneyim is really one of the few AA bloggers out there talking honestly and meaningfully from the AA male viewpoint.

The fact that another blog bites the dust shouldn't come as a surprise.  The AA blogosphere is coming to an end, in my opinion, and we're going to be left with just Angry Asian Man.  Phil Yu has been doing an awesome job all these years, but frankly he is just one guy.

I wanted to call it quits too, but something prompted me to come back.  At that time I wasn't at liberty to publicly discuss what prompted me to come back to blogging.  But now I can discuss some of the details. 

Shortly after I quit blogging on the Alpha Asian in 2010, I was notified of a PUA site titled...

"The Alpha Asian"

The site started shortly after I decided to call it quits.  The people who ran this PUA site trademarked the name "Alpha Asian." Now perhaps these guys had come up with the name on their own, but I found it hard to believe they didn't do an internet search and come across my Alpha Asian blog, my Twitter account or the Alpha Asian Facebook page.

Anyway from what I understood, this other Alpha Asian site was owned by a white guy. He was using an Asian front man (two in fact) to take advantage of Asian guys with low self esteem and exploit them for as much money as he could. This guy was simply in it to make as much money as he possibly could without any regard for the social consequences or benefits to the Asian American community.

Needless to say, I was pissed off.  Frankly, I don't care if people use the term "Alpha Asian," because I invented the term to spread an idea virus, an ideal that Asian Americans should live up to their potential.  

However, I was upset that these guys had taken the Alpha Asian brand, which I've put a lot of work into promoting, and were using it to exploit the insecurities of young inexperienced Asian men.  So I decided to come back to blogging and keep posting videos of Alpha Asians.  I wanted to CRUSH the other website by attracting more traffic to mine.

A year and a half later, and the other site has now dropped out.  Mission accomplished.

Question is: do I want to keep doing the Alpha Asian blog? 

I'd like to, but I am quite busy with family, work and personal projects.  I will refrain from saying that I'm quitting the Alpha Asian blog entirely.  Otherwise some other wiseguy might pop up and say, "I'm the Alpha Asian!  Follow me and give me your money!"

But as far as posting videos, podcasting and writing up my observations on the state of the Asian American male image: I'm going to retire... for now.  I hate being a wishy-washy flake, but as soon as I say I'm done for good, something is going to happen to pull me back in.  Kind of like the Mafia.

Besides, a new generation of Alpha Asians will take my place.  I'd like to thank Tommy and Mojo Rider for contributing to the blog.  I've valued your insights and perspectives. 

Until next time.

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